Reading Dr. Reid’s book brought memories of the times when wisdom was imparted into my life. I treasure those moments and, you will too!

—Dr. Marilyn Hickey, Marilyn Hickey Ministries


As a teenager, Dr Bernice Strand Reid was annoyed by her grandmother’s tendency to give her advice. One day, her grandmother told Dr. Reid to put the advice “on the shelf” and take it down when she needed it. Looking back on her life, Dr. Reid realized just how often she had gone to “Grandmother’s Shelf;” indeed, it may be said that she depended on that shelf for daily subsistence.

Through her new book, Grandmother’s Shelf, Dr. Bernice Strand Reid not only paints a loving portrait of the upright woman who was her grandmother and childhood mentor, but she also bestows on her readers some well-chosen gifts of Godly wisdom to place on their own shelves. Heartwarming examples from Dr. Reid’s life serve as poignant illustrations of her grandmother’s advice, which was firmly grounded in God’s Word. Readers are sure to find themselves going back again and again to Grandmother’s Shelf to retrieve one or two or more “golden apples” of wisdom.

—Dhakshike Wickrema, Senior Project Manager, Los Angeles, California


How amazing that one Bible-believing, God fearing, Spirit-driven grandmother could, alone, impact the lives of future generations with words of truth and wisdom gleaned from the Holy Bible! This little lady exposed God's instruction---His "love letter" for Christians---to everyone she met.  Of greatest importance, her granddaughter Bernice was placed at the front of the "class", by God's own hand, as her grandmother taught life experiences and God's Wisdom to her eager-to-learn student.
    It was 2002 when I first became acquainted with Dr. Bernice Strand Reid while serving on her Executive Board of the National League of American Pen Women, Washington, D.C.  As president of a women's professional organization that boasted a membership of approximately 3000 and had been in existence more than 100 years, Dr Reid surprised many by refusing in any way, in any situation, to venture from the truth. When something came up that did not follow the law of man or God, her reason for choosing the correct and honest decision was, "It's the right thing to do".  She became well-known throughout the League for that response.
   After reading this book, I now understand how the author's grandmother, God's appointed "potter", sculpted her precious granddaughter into the wonderful person she is today.  I also understand how and why each of Dr. Reid's six children excelled as a professional person with high honors.  Each serves God and shares His love with others.
   Going to Grandmother's Shelf is a must read for all.  It leaves us with the knowledge that truth is the most valuable virtue we can possess.

—Fern Morris Vetter


Dr.Reid has done a remarkable job of illustrating how her grandmother planted seeds of faith that yielded amazing fruit in her own life and the lives o her children.  I found this book both encouraging and challenging.
—Nancy Parker Brummett, Author of "Simply the Savior" and "It Takes a Home"


Grandmother's Shelf Inspired Altered Book By UW Art Student


You will discover legions of women going to Grandmother's Shelf. I look forward to joining them.

—Mary Stremlau, Mother and Grandmother